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1 & 2 Samuel

Introduction (Psalm 8:1-9)

God Pursues Hannah (1 Samuel 1:1-2:11)

God Pursues Samuel (1 Samuel 2:12-3:21)

God Pursues Israel, Part 1 (1 Samuel 4:1-11, 18; 5:1-7, 11-12)

God Pursues Saul, Part 1 (1 Samuel 9)

God Pursues Saul, Part 2 (1 Samuel 11-13)

God Pursues Saul, Part 3 (1 Samuel 14-15)

Understanding the Holy Spirit

What is Pentecost & Who is the Holy Spirit?

When Do I Recieve the Holy Spirit?

How Do I Receive the Holy Spirit?

Are We Charismatic?

What is the Evidence of the Holy Spirit, Part 1?

What is the Evidence of the Holy Spirit, Part 2?

Student Camp & the Next Generation

How Does the Holy Spirit Work in a Church Gathering?

The Beatitudes

Introduction (Mathew 4:17)

Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5:1-3)

Mourn (Matthew 5:4)

Meek (Matthew 5:5)

Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness (Matthew 5:6)

Merciful (Matthew 5:7)

Pure in Heart, Peacemaker, Persecute (Matthew 5:8-12)

One-Hit Messages 2023

Why Do Christians Take Communion?

Can I Be Healed?

Vision Sunday 2023



Introduction (Nehemiah 1:1-3)

Weeping & Mourning, Fasting & Praying (Nehemiah 1:4)

Wordly v Godly Sorrow (Nehemiah 1:5-11)

Trusting God in Your Season (Nehemiah 1:11)

How Do I Know God is Speaking to Me? (Nehemiah 2:1-4)

Who's Speaking: God, Me, or the Enemy? (Nehemiah 2:4)

What We Do When God Speaks (Nehemiah 2:5-16)

Israel's v God's Faithfulness (Nehemiah 3)

Obeying God Brings Persecution (Nehemiah 4:1-9)

How Do We Respond to Persecution? (Nehemiah 4:9-23)

How God Responds to Confession & Repentance (Nehemiah 5)

The Wall is Built in 52-Days (Nehemiah 6)

Experiencing the Holiness of God (Nehemiah 7-8)

You Must Decide (Nehemiah 9)

What is a Covenant? (Nehemiah 10-12)

God Invests in Our Faithfulness (Nehemiah 13)

Attributes of God

Holiness, Part 1

Holiness, Part 2

Holiness, Part 3

Omnipotence, Part 1

Omnipotence, Part 2


Omnipresence, Part 1

Omnipresence, Part 2

Omnipresence, Part 3

Omnipresence, Part 4

Faithful & True

Grace & Mercy

Is God Longsuffering?

What Does Grace Do?

Is Grace a License to Sin?

Abusing Grace

Sufficiency of Grace

Growing in Grace, Part 1

Responding to the Overturn of Roe V Wade

Growing in Grace, Part 2

What Does Mercy Do?

How is God Merciful and Just?

Abusing Mercy

Spirit & Truth (John 4)

John 4:1-6

John 4:6-11

John 4:12-22

John 4:23-24

One-Hit Messages 2022

The 3 Baptisms

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