We are grateful for your continued generosity to Eleven Sixteen Church. If you would like to set up one-time or reoccurring online giving, you can do that safely and securely:


The mission is greater than what happens in our church building on Sundays. Right now there are several opportunities for you to connect and serve immediate needs in our area. Below you’ll find contact information, days, and times of organizations that are out making impact. 

Due to the constantly evolving nature of the needs around us, we will not be formally organizing any groups to answer these needs. Instead, we will encourage everyone to walk this out in the way they're best able.

This is a time for all of us to pull together as a community. Here are a few ways you can help: 

  • Shop With Love: If you have the financial flexibility to leave WIC labeled items on the shelf please do so. Many individuals are struggling due to shortages and are without alternatives. 

  • Meet Your Neighbors: Reach out online or knock on a door and check on your neighbors. See who may need assistance in weeks to come. 

  • Pray With a Friend: Have a friend that maybe going through a difficult time? Offer to pray with them. 

  • Give Blood: Blood drives across the country have been canceled creating a high need. Our local blood centers are staying open to take donations. 

  • Click Here for more ideas to love your neighbor.

Golden Harvest Food Bank

In this time of crisis as we respond to the spread of COVID-19, every dollar you give makes a difference. Many families who have never needed our help before are reaching out, and those we serve on a regular basis need us more than ever. Every dollar you give can provide 3 meals to children, families and seniors in our community. 

Ways you can connect and be generous:

  • Pray for Golden Harvest and their team.

  • Click Here to support financially.

  • Click Here for more info about volunteering.

Abiding Love Charities
Abiding Love Adoptions helps place children in homes where he/she will be well supported and raised in a Christian environment, but there is a void in the Adoption Community for post placement care. This why we partner with Abiding Love Charities to champion and support mothers who choose life through: Birth Mother Support Groups (Augusta, GA; Atlanta, GA; Savannah, GA; Brunswick, GA; and Spring Hill, FL); Birth Mother Grants; Birth Mother Post Placement Advocate; and Retreats. 

Ways you can connect and be generous:

  • Pray for their team, birth mothers, adopted children, and adopting family. 

  • Click Here for more info and others ways to support. 

Bridge Ministry of the CSRA

On January 20, 2007, Pastor Roger Gardner and his wife Kimmi, along with a small group of volunteers, began serving hot meals and providing basic life supplies to the inner-city poor on Saturday afternoons under the Calhoun Expressway on 15th Street in Augusta. Today, 800,000 lbs. of food and thousands of clothing items, along with furniture, financial assistance, disaster relief, counseling and basic life necessities are distributed across the region, through Bridge Services, Adopt-A-Block, Benevolence and our Food Pantry.

Ways you can connect and be generous:

  • Pray for Bridge Ministry and the poor.

  • Click Here to support financially. 

  • Click Here for more info about volunteering. 

Full Circle Refuge

Is a ministry that works in the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and Youth Development Campuses (YDCs) with at-risk youth.  Here are some current plans they have in place:  Current Restart One Degree At A Time Program for the Richmond County Juvenile Courts; planning meeting with South Carolina counties for additional “Gang Intervention” sessions; develop men and women to conduct ODAT sessions in their communities; and continue to plan for the “Christmas Fellowships."


Ways you can connect and be generous:

  • Pray for Full Circle Refuge, Devon and Sun Harris (Founders).

  • Click Here to support financially.

  • Click Here for more info about volunteering.

Building Up S.T.E.A.M.

Is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide all youth, especially those in disadvantaged circumstances, equal access to programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to build a foundation for success in the job market of tomorrow.

Traditionally, sign-ups for STEM/STEAM programs are usually accompanied by hefty sign-up fees. As a result, kids in certain communities lack access and opportunity to practice and develop needed skills. One positive to the Pandemic, is the glimpse into the future that it has provided the world. It has shown us a world that is dominated by technology and virtual interaction. As a result, we have an obligation to equip every child, regardless of social-economic background, with the necessary skills to succeed in the industries that will drive tomorrow's economy.

Ways you can connect and be generous:

  • Pray for Building Up S.T.E.A.M. and Britt Stephens (Founder).

  • Click Here to support financially.

  • Click Here for more info about volunteering.

Water Missions

The global water crisis can be solved and we take a comprehensive approach to combating the crisis with water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions. Water Missions design customized solutions for each community we serve and we partner with the recipients throughout the process.

Ways you can connect and be generous:

  • Pray for Water Missions.

  • Click Here to support financially.

  • Click Here for more info about volunteering.

Compassion International (Jherson Javier) 

In partnering with Compassion International, this mission reaches and helps children walk with God. To share the good news of Jesus and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Through monthly financial support, prayer, and letter writing, 1116 Families can invest directly in the life of a child living in extreme poverty. Jherson Javier is a boy who lives in Bolivia. He attends Sunday School at his church and enjoys learning about God, ball games, and clapping his hands to music. It takes $38, each month, to help provide basic necessities to Jherson Javier. 

A few ways you can encourage your child to be on mission for Jherson:

  • Pray for Jherson and Compassion International.

  • Give Weekly (Select 'Ministry-Kids' in online giving form)

  • Draw & Write Monthly (Send to

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