In the bible the word “church” simply means a “set apart gathering of people.” Historically, the Christians would gather in homes, public spaces, and only later would construct the types of buildings we see today. These gatherings happened anywhere and anytime as a space for them to glorify God, equip and encourage one another. In modern American church culture however, a gathering is reduced to a centralized one-hour Sunday morning experience. We’ve found that modern definition to be too limiting to effectively engage with Christians and our broader communities. Hebrews 10:25 instructs us to "not neglect meeting together.” There are no guidelines on where or how we meet, only why we meet. Simply put, we're returning to being a "set apart gathering." Anywhere. Anytime. 


The gatherings below may look different in style and scale than what you’re used to, but they are intentionally created with the mission--make disciples and evangelize--as the focus.


Sunday Online is a video-guided service broadcasted live from our main location in Evans, Georgia. The service is meant to equip people gathering in a Home Church or as a family, while also giving opportunity to practice the other biblical elements of corporate worship.


Sunday on-site is a large scale Sunday service which maintains some of the intimacy of a Home Church setting with multiple call to action moments for group participation. Everything is similar to the description of our Sunday Service Online, except that it's in-person and classes for younger children are provided.


Home Church is a relationship driven way to engage with the Sunday Service Online. They are small gatherings of people who regularly meet in homes across our region.


Anywhere, Anytime is an opportunity for people to create their own spaces to glorify God, encourage one another, and practice the mission. If you’ve ever considered hosting a bible study, prayer group, or ministry we would love to equip and empower you to do that.