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Home Church is a gathering for anyone, anywhere. It's how we continue to live out the mission, core values, and vision of Eleven Sixteen Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Home Church?

Home Church is people gathering weekly to participate in the biblical elements of corporate worship: singing, prayer, teaching, giving, communion, and baptism. Each Home Church is guided by the leadership of Eleven Sixteen Church through our live stream. While each group may have some small differences, every Home Church leader goes through a training process and is overseen by the pastoral team. This is to ensure we maintain unity in mission, core values, and vision of Eleven Sixteen Church. It is also our desire that each Home Church would engage in missions and fellowship outside of Sunday Service.


Why are we doing Home Church?
Christians are called to evangelize and make disciples--that mission never changes. While large group gatherings at our current location are on hold, Hebrews 10:25 instructs us to "not neglect meeting together."  Home Church gives us a unique opportunity to continue doing that, just in smaller circles, while keeping our focus on the mission and vision Jesus has given. As we adapt and experiment, we believe this could have a huge impact in preparing us for our vision to replant churches. 

What is available for children/students in Home Church?
Our Family Ministry is lead by a gifted team of people who are here to help you connect your children to God, His church, and the world in missions. Every week our team will add resources on the Church Hub to teach you how to steward your children, lead by example, and build community. Each month Children (newborn-5th grade) and Students (6th-12th grade) have opportunities to connect with other kids and leaders through Meet Ups. For more information please click on the Family Ministry Resources button below. If you have any questions or needs, please contact Katie Adkins (Family Ministry Director), or Gerald Baxley (Student Ministry)

How do I attend or host a Home Church?

The leaders at Eleven Sixteen Church are here to help you connect to a Home Church. All you need to do is click the 'Attend A Home Church' button below and fill out the form. Afterwards, a leader will contact and give you all the details you will need. If you are interested in hosting a Home Church click on the 'Host A Home Church' button below and fill out the form. There is some required training we ask each host leader to do before starting. If you need any other assistance, please email us at

706-432-8232  I  I

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