Anywhere, Anytime is an opportunity for people to create their own spaces to glorify God, encourage one another, and practice the mission. If you’ve ever considered hosting a bible study, prayer group, or ministry we would love to equip and empower you to do that.  

What You Can Expect: 

  • Your Own Space; Everyone has a purpose and calling. That purpose and calling may not always work within the spaces Eleven Sixteen Church creates, so we encourage anyone to prayerfully host their own gathering.

  • Equip; Our pastors and various other leaders within Eleven Sixteen Church are available to help and resource. Check out our Pastoral Care Resources to get started. 

  • Building Usage; Need space to make it happen? Any partner of Eleven Sixteen Church or like-minded ministry has access to freely utilize our facilities for ministry functions. You simply need to fill out the Building Use Request Form


Want to know how to become a partner? Check out our Discover 1116 Class to learn more.